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How Can I Research a Family From Canada?

Canada Genealogy

Are you searching for sources to find your Canadian roots? Is it a struggle? Here are some places for you to do some research during your genealogy quest:

  • Try checking the records at the Library and Archives of Canada if you are having trouble finding information. The library is in Ottawa if you are wishing to visit the actual site. Otherwise, try an Internet search for Library and Archives Canada for more information.
  • Do an Internet search for AVITUS, which is the Directory of Canadian Genealogical Resources with links to other sites.
  • Try searching the Canadian Archival Information Network (CAIN) online. This network provides the ability for a researcher to search other archives in Canada.
  • Searching the genealogy of a family from a particular country is very vast; these two places should help you in your Canadian search.

How Can I Search My Australian Ancestors?

Australia Genealogy

Is your family from Australia? Are you trying to track down some specific information about your ancestors but just aren't entirely sure where to begin? Here are some places to look for your search into your Australian ancestry:

The National Archives of Australia will have the records of Commonwealth government. The archives are located in Canberra and have loads of historical documents. They also have locations in each state capital and Darwin. Paying a visit to one may help you out. If you can't go to one of these offices; you may also do an Internet search for National Archives of Australia to bring up the site, you may then do some researching on your computer.

Another place to search for documents is through each Australian state. Each state should have its own archives that will have the records of government for each state. Try doing a website for the Australian state you need to research along with the word archives after the state. For example: New South Wales state archives or records. This should lead you to a site in which you can do some ancestral searches with.

You may also wish to join a family history society, which will give you a ton of great information to help in your search. See if you have a local society near you to join. You will most likely incur a fee for joining, but the rewards could be your payoff!

How Easy Will it Be to Search my South Africa Roots?

South Africa Genealogy

Are you searching your South African roots? You are in luck, researching South African roots is pretty easy, so if you are a beginner you may be able to find information pretty easily.

The reason your research may be a bit easier is that the first European settlement didn't occur until 1652 in Cape Colony and detailed records exist from that time until the present.

If you are looking for registration information before the year 1900, when the first official registration took place in South Africa, you must have a birth or marriage certificate for the person you are looking for. Try locating the church in which your ancestor attended to get these records.

South Africa also has an interesting genealogy archives in that all early settlers and their families before 1895 has been published on Genealogical Register of the Old Cape Families. It consists of three volumes of information on South Africa's earliest settlers.

How Do I Search for Relatives in Mexico?

Mexico Genealogy

Mexico is a country that has quite the history. Are you interested in the history and the genealogy of the country of Mexico or are you interested in researching a relative from Mexico? Regardless, you will find the Internet to be a wealth of information for your search.

Mexico has several important individuals who made history there and who also started some impressive bloodlines. There are Internet sites out there that will allow you to search a specific group of people in Mexican history, along with a list of the most important individuals from each era.

For example, if you know a relative of yours was a Conquistador who stayed in Mexico but aren't entirely sure, try doing an Internet search for Conquistador genealogy. You should find a list of sites that offer names, some 2000 of them that served with King Cortes and stayed in Mexico. Your ancestor could be one name on that list of 2000.

You can do these types of searches for any of the important eras throughout Mexico.

How Can I Find My British Ancestors in South America?

South American Genealogy

If you are looking for British relatives in South America, you may be able to find information about them easier than you would think.

By simply doing a British in South America Database on a computer search engine you will bring up the BiSA (British in South America) site. This site will give you much helpful information. You should find on this site the abstracts of another website, which has information such as the following: arrivals, births, business, deaths, enquiry, marriages, family pedigree and jobs or status. Each of those items will also have names, dates, country, town, etc. linked to it.

This type of information should be a great assistance in finding your British ancestors who lived in South America.

What Should I Know Before Beginning a Search on Asian Relatives?

Asia Genealogy

Searching your Asian relatives? As you know Asia is a huge continent and simply just trying to do an Internet search for Asia genealogy may be too broad for finding specific information about your ancestry.

Asia stretches fromTurkmenistan to East Timor in the east, which is quite a range of area with many countries inbetween. This is why just simply searching all of Asia may be frustrating.

What you should know before beginning your research into your Asian ancestry is exactly where your ancestors came from. If they were from Cambodia then you will want to do an Internet search for Cambodia genealogy or something similar to show you sites that will assist you. You may also want to know besides the specific country, what province within that country your relatives came from, this can make your search even easier.

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