South Africa Genealogy

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How Easy Will it Be to Search my South Africa Roots?

South Africa Genealogy

Are you searching your South African roots? You are in luck, researching South African roots is pretty easy, so if you are a beginner you may be able to find information pretty easily.

The reason your research may be a bit easier is that the first European settlement didn't occur until 1652 in Cape Colony and detailed records exist from that time until the present.

If you are looking for registration information before the year 1900, when the first official registration took place in South Africa, you must have a birth or marriage certificate for the person you are looking for. Try locating the church in which your ancestor attended to get these records.

South Africa also has an interesting genealogy archives in that all early settlers and their families before 1895 has been published on Genealogical Register of the Old Cape Families. It consists of three volumes of information on South Africa's earliest settlers.



6/16/2007 11:18:50 AM
South African professional genealogist said:

Some of the information in your posting is not correct. Registration did not start in 1900 - it started much earlier, depending on the event and the location. Not ALL the early settlers are recorded, there are many missing families. The books you rfer to are not accrate, there are many errors in them.


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