Mexico Genealogy

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How Do I Search for Relatives in Mexico?

Mexico Genealogy

Mexico is a country that has quite the history. Are you interested in the history and the genealogy of the country of Mexico or are you interested in researching a relative from Mexico? Regardless, you will find the Internet to be a wealth of information for your search.

Mexico has several important individuals who made history there and who also started some impressive bloodlines. There are Internet sites out there that will allow you to search a specific group of people in Mexican history, along with a list of the most important individuals from each era.

For example, if you know a relative of yours was a Conquistador who stayed in Mexico but aren't entirely sure, try doing an Internet search for Conquistador genealogy. You should find a list of sites that offer names, some 2000 of them that served with King Cortes and stayed in Mexico. Your ancestor could be one name on that list of 2000.

You can do these types of searches for any of the important eras throughout Mexico.



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