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Are Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles Actually Related?

Prince Charles and Camilla are Cousins?

What if we could joke that English royalty actually married their cousins? Well, it's not necessary a joke. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles' wife, are actually cousins.

Okay, so they are only ninth cousins once removed, which is pretty distant, but they are still cousins. Both the Prince and his bride are descendants from Henry Cavendish, the second Duke of Newcastle.

I guess it just goes to show, you can't help you fall in love with, even if it is your ninth cousin once removed!

Where Can I See What Celebrity I Resemble?

Which Celebrity Do You Resemble?

Does your face resemble a celebrity? Do you have any facial features that celebrities have that may have been passed down to you from generation to generation?

Download your photo to ancestry or genealogy sites online that focus on celebrity family traits, and you may find some similar faces. Once you have downloaded your picture the site will scan your face and its features and bring up the celebrity you most resemble and others with similar features.

While they may not be directly in your family tree, it is a fun way to see just what famous person you resemble.

How Can I Find Out if I am Related to a Celebrity?

Are You Related to a Celebrity?

Does reading all of this celebrity family tree information have you wondering if you could possibly be related to a celebrity? Chances are, if you haven't heard by now that you are indeed related then you most likely aren't. However, it never hurts to check because you just never know what could be in that family tree.

Online genealogy sites let you put in your name or your location and it will bring up any potential celebrity matches that you may have. Once you have put in your surname the site should bring up related surnames, you can click on them and view any of the celebrity names and family trees if you wish.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start searching for those possible celebrity family members!

Are Women Included in the Family Tree of Confucius?

Confucius and the Women in His Family Tree

Confucius, a man who famously looked down upon women, and China's greatest teacher, has added some new descendants to his family tree: women!

Yes, the man who thought women were pretty invaluable and came from a society that took pride in its men but mocked women, has finally had women added to his family tree.

In the past, women were removed or excluded from Confucius genealogy. Now women will be added to the family tree and their names will be written the same size as the men. This is a big step for China, a place that hasn't always taken the value of women seriously. Now that people are taking note that Confucius, a man still today with much influence, has women listed on his genealogy, many other family trees are adding women to theirs!

Is Hugh Grant Actually Scottish?

Hugh Grant is Scottish?

Hugh Grant's English accent may have fooled some people. That famous actor from England with the charming English accent and bright smile is actually of Scottish descent. So says his family tree.

Grant's great-great grandfather is Dr. James Stewart, who helped Dr. Livingston explore Africa. Dr. James Stewart was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1831 to Scottish parents.

So there you have it, the quintessential English man is not so English after all... he is a little bit Scottish thanks to some family tree research.

Are President Bush and Dick Cheney Related?

George W and Dick Cheney, Related?

According to Ancestry.com, the Vice President and the President are actually distant relatives. It is an odd twist of fate that placed both men in the White House seemingly not knowing their relation.

Both President Bush and Vice President Cheney are descendants from Benjamin Butler and Susanna Whiting. This surely makes for some interesting conversations at the White House. In fact, these are not the only presidential or vice presidential offices that are related. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington and James Madison were all related to each other.

This just goes to show for people doing genealogy, it really is a small world!

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