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How can I find out where my ancestor is buried?

Where is my Ancestor Buried?

Check the following resources to find out where your ancestor is buried:

* Obituaries
* Wills
* Death Certificate
* Ask other family members
* Check church records

Where can I find genealogy magazines?

Family Chronicle - Free Issue!

Family Chronicle magazine is a great "how-to" genealogy magazine with a reputation for solid editorial, presented in a highly attractive, all-color format. They'll be happy to send you a free trial issue. Just go to their site, here:

Then check out the "Free Trial Offer" in the right column. You can't beat the price!

Where can I find genealogy books?

Heritage Books

Heritage Books is a leading publisher of genealogy books, with almost 2,000 titles in print in paper and electronic formats. You can check out their site at:

At their site you can check out their catalog, as well sign up to receive their print catalog or one of several newsletters. Check 'em out!

Where can I find genealogy magazines?

Heritage Quest Magazine

Now in its 16th year, Heritage Quest Magazine is one of the most popular genealogy publications available. Each issue of this full-color bimonthly offers 128 pages of tips and tools for every experience level.

Check out their site at:

Where can I find genealogy books?

Ancestry.Com Catalog has a catalog of books and resources. Just call 1-800-Ancestry and ask for their free catalog that highlights recent publications.

Where can I find a genealogy mailing list?

Find a Mailing List

One of the best resources for finding a genealogy mailing list for your particular needs is Rootsweb. They maintain an index to well over 22,000 genealogy mailing lists! Check them out at:

Where can I find genealogy newsletters?

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter is a weekly electronic publication that focuses on the technology available today for use in researching family trees. A typical edition might include articles about genealogy-related Web sites, CD-ROM databases, software or DNA analysis developments. The newsletter regularly includes current events, such as upcoming genealogy conventions or pending legislation that may impact the genealogical community. It also will occasionally expose "surname scams" and sometimes contains articles about more esoteric topics, such as using satellite mapping to locate old cemeteries. And it's free!

Where can I find genealogy books?

NEHGS Catalog

You can obtain a copy of the "New England Historical Genealogical Society" sales catalog by visiting their site, here:

NEGHS Catalogs

Their catalog lists titles published by NEHGS and Newbury Street Press, as well as charts and forms, preservation supplies, children's books, research guides, resources for tracing ancestors in the U.S. and abroad, software, CD-ROMs, genealogies, and local histories. Lots of good stuff!

Where can I find a genealogy mailing list?

CyndisList Mailing List

The CyndisList Mailing List is a free e-mail announcement list created to keep users of the Cyndi's List web site ( regularly updated regarding the activities on Cyndi's List.

Get on the list at:

Can I find genealogy programming on the radio?

Family History Radio

Can't get enough genealogy? Here's a great site where you can use your computer to hear pre-programmed audio clips of pre-recorded genealogy-related interviews and programs.

Check it out here:

Family History Radio

When will the Ancestors series be broadcast?

Ancestors Series (PBS)

The 'Ancestors' series on PBS is genealogy programming at its best. Check out the site below to determine when this series will be broadcast in your area:

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