Australia Genealogy

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How Can I Search My Australian Ancestors?

Australia Genealogy

Is your family from Australia? Are you trying to track down some specific information about your ancestors but just aren't entirely sure where to begin? Here are some places to look for your search into your Australian ancestry:

The National Archives of Australia will have the records of Commonwealth government. The archives are located in Canberra and have loads of historical documents. They also have locations in each state capital and Darwin. Paying a visit to one may help you out. If you can't go to one of these offices; you may also do an Internet search for National Archives of Australia to bring up the site, you may then do some researching on your computer.

Another place to search for documents is through each Australian state. Each state should have its own archives that will have the records of government for each state. Try doing a website for the Australian state you need to research along with the word archives after the state. For example: New South Wales state archives or records. This should lead you to a site in which you can do some ancestral searches with.

You may also wish to join a family history society, which will give you a ton of great information to help in your search. See if you have a local society near you to join. You will most likely incur a fee for joining, but the rewards could be your payoff!



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