Make Family History a Family Project!

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How can I involve my children in family history?

Make Family History a Family Project!

Don't forget to include your children in your genealogy research. The study of family history can help bring a family closer together and provide children with a sense of who their ancestors were, where they came from and how they lived their lives.

Help the children in your family - sons, daughters, nieces, or nephews - learn about your family's cultural and ethnic traditions for future generations.

Here's a great site to help you get started:

WorldGenWeb For Kids

This site is geared to helping school age children learn about genealogy, history, and world geography. There are pages for educators as well as special pages such as holidays and traditions in different countries, and there are numerous links to other
sources for kids. There is a link for subscribing to GEN-TEEN-L, a mailing list for kids doing their genealogy, and there is a link to a chat room for kids.



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