Searching Family Trees & Family Tree Makers

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Searching Family Trees & Family Tree Makers

What is a family tree maker and how can it make your family ancestry search easier?

A family tree maker is just what it sounds like. It allows you generate your family tree, often times you are able to view three generations of the same family using a special family tree software. A family tree maker also allows you to see different views of your screen, thus you may be able to see up to seven generations of your family on the computer screen.

This type of computerized family tree maker also searches a major ancestry/genealogy website while you are working on your computer inputting information. A special indicator will let you know when your results have been found. You will then be able to compare your search results with information you already have generated in a side-by-side format for easy viewing!

You can also merge information from the website the computer searches with your information you have stored on your computer.

You can download a family tree maker onto your computer by first finding one you like. Try doing a family tree maker search on a search engine. Many you will have to pay to download and others may be free. The download may take up to 45 minutes.



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