Build a Research Trip Kit

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What is a Research Trip Kit?

Build a Research Trip Kit

If you are serious about doing genealogy research, you may want to build a research trip kit to take with you to the places you do your research, such as the library.

In this kit you will want the following items:

-A stapler and staples

-Sealable sandwich bags with several different sizes of paper clips for organizing like papers and several different sizes of rubber bands for binding together information

-Many sharpened pencils and erasers

-Small notepads to record small notes as you go and attach to papers you find the information from

-Lined paper in a notepad for writing larger amounts of notes

-One last sealable sandwich bag to hold coins and bills for making photocopies and printing microfilm.

This research trip kit is a great way to be prepared for those many trips to the library, genealogy society or the courthouse.



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