Family Tree Search

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What is a Family Tree Search?

Family Tree Search

If you are struggling in your search for your ancestors, there are sites out there that may make your research a bit easier. Genealogy research can be frustrating, to say the least.

Some sites allow you to enter your family ancestor information in detail and then do a search, some up to eight major genealogy sites, for you with the information you supplied.

A simple search engine search of "family tree search" may assist you in finding these types of sites. You most likely will have to register at the sites the search takes you to and some of them you will have to pay to see the information. Some will offer you a free trial period for a certain number of days while others will have you pay for the information before viewing. It really depends on the site.

Using a site that searches several sites for you may lessen your workload and your stress level. It can be very helpful, but just be prepared to pay for the genealogy information you want!



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