Make a Homemade Family Tree

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How Can I Make My Own Family Tree?

Make a Homemade Family Tree

If you are making a family tree and want to make it a bit different, why not make just that.. a tree? It is a fun and different way to display your family tree information instead of using a plain old family tree template for your information.

Print out a family tree template that is in black and white. Collect tree twigs, as many as will cover your tree trunk and branches. Glue the twigs onto the template so that the tree trunk is covered in twigs, making it look like the actual bark from the tree. Then glue the twigs on the branches of the tree template. After that, fill in your family tree information and viola you have an actual family tree, twigs and all!



11/14/2011 11:43:58 PM
Sean Harrison said:

Looking for a simple yet meaningful gift to give an elder of the family for Christmas. I was instructed to make it simple yet meaningful. This will undoughtably do the job, both meaningful for an elder and also thoughtful. I'm sure Nanny will love it!!


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