Becoming an Ancestor Detector

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What is an Ancestor Detector?

Becoming an Ancestor Detector

This is a sure way to get your kids involved in your family tree projects! Ask them to become ancestor detectors to help you find information for your family tree project. Have your kids ask relatives, as many who are willing, the following questions to start your family tree project:

-What is your full name? When were you born?

-Where were you born?

-What were/are your parents full name and where were they born, died?

-What kind of work did your parents do?

-Where did they live or do they live now?

-Do you have any brothers and sisters, if so, names? Who were they named after?

-Who are or were your grandparents? Where were they born/died? What did they do for work? Where did they live? When did they get married?

- Do you know any information about your great-grandparents such as, dates they were born, died, married or had children?

If you have your children help you out, you can truly make this family tree project a family affair.



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