Make a Family History Map

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What is a Family History Map?

Make a Family History Map

This is another fun family tree project a family could do together. Try making a family history map.

You will first want to write down stories from every family member available with pertinent information. You will then pick a medium sized table in your house for building this map. You can put foam core and then white poster board down on the table for the map surface. You will eventually be cutting out tabs in the poster board in which to insert your family stories that you have written. Glue the edges of the foam and the poster board together.

You can then sketch onto the poster board the countries in which every ancestor you spoke to or learned about came from. You will also want figures that you can make that represent the family member and his or her interests, career, etc.

Once you have the figures made and the countries on the poster board, you can begin your map making. Select one relative to place on the map. Under the tab in the correct country place the story of that person that you have written. Then pick a figure and something that represents that person and glue by the tab you put the story. You will do this until you have gone through all of the relatives you learned about and placed on the map.

What a fun way for kids to see and learn about ancestry!



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