Supplies for Your Search

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What Forms Should I Have For My Research?

Supplies for Your Search

Okay, so you have started your research and you have realized that writing down what you have read or found on regular paper just isn't cutting it. There are specific supplies you can use to help you out!

  • Pedigree charts are the main item you will want for documenting your research. A pedigree chart is a way you record an individual's bloodline from generation to generation. You will want the full name of each person, the birth and death of each person, and the date of marriage along with where all of these took place.
  • Keep a correspondance chart to keep records of who you have spoken to.
  • Use a research calendar that allows you record every place you have used for finding your genealogy information.
  • Use a research extract form for anything that you can't photocopy or print out. You are able to record information on it on your own.
There are still other forms you may want to utilize. Do an Internet search for genealogy supplies to find what may be missing.



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