Mistakes We Make When Searching Our Genealogy

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What are Some Mistakes Researchers Make?

Mistakes We Make When Searching Our Genealogy

When people are researching a family genealogy they often make some very simple mistakes. Make sure these don't happen to you!

  • Don't forget to talk to living relatives. Many researchers forget to talk to those that are alive and instead focus on those that have passed away. Living relatives are a great place to start!
  • Don't believe everything you see in print. After all, not everything we read is true. Do some research to back up what you find.
  • Just because your research says you are related to someone famous, it doesn't always mean you truly are. Don't get hung up things like celebrity.
  • Don't accept everything you read about your family and its legends as fact. Again, not everything you read is true..do your research.
  • Do not limit your names to one spelling. Many last names were changed throughout the years and spelled differently as times changed. Keep this in mind when doing your research.



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