Confucius and the Women in His Family Tree

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Are Women Included in the Family Tree of Confucius?

Confucius and the Women in His Family Tree

Confucius, a man who famously looked down upon women, and China's greatest teacher, has added some new descendants to his family tree: women!

Yes, the man who thought women were pretty invaluable and came from a society that took pride in its men but mocked women, has finally had women added to his family tree.

In the past, women were removed or excluded from Confucius genealogy. Now women will be added to the family tree and their names will be written the same size as the men. This is a big step for China, a place that hasn't always taken the value of women seriously. Now that people are taking note that Confucius, a man still today with much influence, has women listed on his genealogy, many other family trees are adding women to theirs!



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