Polish Genealogy

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How Can I Search My Polish Ancestors?

Polish Genealogy

A great place to research your Polish ancestors is to look through census polls. What is so great about these census findings in Poland is that the files from 1790 to 1920 have a ton of information. Anything after 1850 will or should have the head of the Polish household listed, and all people who lived in that house at that time. They may even have the relationship each person had to the head of household. If you are looking for census data from 1890, please know that was lost in a fire.

If you know what faith your Polish relatives were, you may also want to look through the information the church they were involved with has. Churches of most religions kept fairly accurate and detailed information for each member.

If you know the town or city from your ancestor's past and are having trouble locating it on a modern map, ask the assistance of a Polish gazetteer in locating the city you are looking for.



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