Scottish Genealogy

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How Can I Start my Scottish Genealogy Search?

Scottish Genealogy

Are you Scottish and wishing to find some of your Scottish ancestors? Have you always wanted to know what kind of life your ancestors lived? Doing genealogy research can lead you to these answers. You just need to know what types of things to look at during your search.

If you are looking on the Internet you can look for your Scottish roots by looking through the several different types of information.

-If offline, try reading some books about Scottish history and heritage.

-If online, do a surname search on a Scottish genealogy website for your family surname.

-Look through online Scottish county resources. Many Scottish genealogy sites should give you links to this type of information.

-Join an online Scottish society or club to get to know others who are doing genealogy research. You may even find a relative you didn't know about!

-Look through libraries and their archives for Scottish roots. This can be done online or offline at public libraries.

-Another place many don't think to look is to begin a search of a Scottish cemetery. Online Scottish genealogy sites should provide you with links to cemeteries to contact to see if relatives are buried there.

These are just a few ideas on how to start your Scottish research. Will you find your family member's history?



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