Greek Genealogy

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Where do I Look For Greek Genealogy?

Greek Genealogy

If you are looking for your Greek roots, here are some places to start your genealogy search:

The word Lixiarheion means vital records in Greek. If you are looking on a site that is in Greek, look for that word to find vital records.

If you need more assistance try looking up the number to your local Greek Embassy located in your country, especially if you are living abroad. You should be able to find your Greek Embassy number by looking on the Internet.

You may also have trouble looking up your Greek ancestors perhaps because you are spelling the name incorrectly. Try doing a search for Greek First Name Translator on the Internet to assist you in getting the translation correct.

You may also want to try joining an online Greek Genealogy club for more assistance. These types of groups are excellent for locating missing family members and posting questions for people to help you answer.

Remember, the Greek history is quite dated, you may have many more years of research to gather than compared to those of other cultures. You have your work cut out for you!



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