Irish Genealogy

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Where Can I Begin to Search My Irish Roots?

Irish Genealogy

Have you been wondering about your Irish family roots? Are you curious as to why your Irish family left Ireland, of if any of your Irish relatives may have been someone very important in the Irish culture?

If these are questions you are wishing to find answers to, there are several places to start your Irish family genealogy. One place to start your search may be to visit an Irish Family History Foundation for information. A simple Internet search with the name of the foundation should tell you just how to get in contact with a center near you.

These centers will have records made available to you, records such as: church records, civil records, census records, Griffiths Valuation, and grave yard inscriptions.

These centers have been taking on the large task of computerizing as many Irish family history records as possible and to date have put more than 15 million records into their computer database. It may be a great starting point for the genealogist in you!



1/9/2009 6:25:50 PM
Raymond Barley said:

Start your research in the city/town where your Irish relatives settled in America. Learn everything about them before going to the Irish History Foundation (IHF) in Ireland. If you go to IHF first and get info on someone who you think is an ancestor, how do you really whether this is reliable, if you know nothing about your ancestor. The IHF is not a first source you should consult. However, if you know the name of the Irish county and maybe the name of the Irish civil parish where your ancestor emigrated from, IHF may be useful.


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