New York Genealogy

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What is the Genealogy of New York?

New York Genealogy

Do you reside in New York? Are you just plain curious about the history or genealogy of the state? Who were the first people to live in New York, who first explored the state?

New York is another state rich with history and genealogy. Did you know that Samuel de Champlain explored the Northeastern part of New York in 1609?

In 1624 the Dutch settled in New York for 40 years and governed the colony referred to as New Netherland. In 1625 the Dutch purchased Manhattan Island from local Indians. Almost 40 years later the Dutch Colony of New Netherland was conquered by the English and renamed New York.

In 1776 New York declared its independence from Great Britain and became one of the 13 original states of the Federal Union.

Ellis Island eventually became where immigrants from all over the world passed through on their way to the United States, and where later generations searched immigrant records for information about their own ancestors. New York thus became a melting pot of cultures and people.



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