Genealogy Software for Your PDA?

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Is There Software for my PDA?

Genealogy Software for Your PDA?

Do you own a PDA and were hoping to do some genealogy research on it? If so, there is good news! PDA's now have genealogy software available to them.

In several of the software programs of this type you will be able to load a file to your PDA, convert the data you find to use with other genealogy programs, and store information about an individual or a family. A lot of Internet genealogy websites also offer shareware for your Palm Pilot or PDA.

Genealogy software for your PDA will vary in regards to how much you are able to do with it. In some cases the software may only allow you to determine birth date from using date of death and age, while others will allow you several more features.



11/25/2008 5:44:58 AM
Mary S. said:

So what are these downloads and where are they? What are the Internet websites where they are available? I haven't found any.


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