Making a Family Crest

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How Can I Make a Crest of My Family Tree?

Making a Family Crest

A great family tree project is to make a family crest of your family. You can make up your own using information you already know such as where your relatives came from, what food is common to their ancestry, pictures that show first or last names of ancestors, pictures of favorite family events and photos that show the family celebrating.

If you research ancestry, you can then take this information and make your own family crest with it. On a piece of paper you will draw an outline of the shape of your choice. You can then divide the shape into three or four sections and then in each section you will draw a picture that represents the information you gathered above. You could also do this on the computer or cut pictures from magazines.

When done you may color in the pictures and laminate your finished family crest project that shows some information from your family tree. How fun!



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