Family Tree Gift Ideas

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What are Some Gifts to Give for Family Trees?

Family Tree Gift Ideas

Are you looking to give a gift with a family tree project that you have done? If so, here are some ideas for sharing the family tree project that you have completed at home.

Make your family tree into a shareable CD for people in your family. You can include pictures, items that are scanned, music and video if you want. What a fun project to give as a gift!

Sharing family records with a loved one, especially one that may be a little older, is a fun way for them to reminisce. Try finding census reports from years past and give them to your grandfather or grandmother. Chances are they will want to share all of their memories with you about familiar names.

One last fun thing to give as a gift with a family tree in mind is to make a photo calendar with pictures of loved ones or ancestors that you find. Give the calendar to the person in your family who is of direct descent to these relatives and watch their face as they open the calendar. What a fun way for them to remember their ancestors.



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