How to Start Tracing Your Family History

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How Do I Start Searching?

How to Start Tracing Your Family History

Once you have documented everything you already know about your family and you have interviewed several family members about your family, it is time to start tracing your genealogy!

First, you must make sure that all of the addresses and numbers given are correct. You can use public records found at your local library to confirm this.

Make sure you are using just one family surname for your search. This helps to keep things a bit more organized and on track.

You can then begin searching your family surname from various websites on the Internet or you can also go to your local family history center for information. You may also search vital records for more information. You can even go to the cities in which your family lived to research public records.

While you are doing all of your genealogy research make sure to take accurate notes on special genealogy supplies that will help keep your information organized.

Additional Tip: Another great way to find information on your family genealogy is to join a genealogy message board or ancestry community on the Internet. These places often have people who are extremely knowledgeable in genealogy that can offer assistance in your search.



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