Genealogy Relationship Chart

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What is a Genealogy Relationship Chart?

Genealogy Relationship Chart

Whew! Keeping all of those relatives straight can be difficult. Who is related to whom? How is someone related to you? How am I related to my second cousin?

These questions often arise when people are charting their genealogy. One great way to keep them all straight is to find a genealogy relationship chart. These types of charts can be great for determining how people are related in a family.

For example, you would look at the chart after you have determined two people you want to compare. Once you have selected these people you would look at the top row of the chart and find the relationship that person has to the common ancestor. You would then look at the far left part of the chart that runs vertically and find the other person's relationship to the common ancestor, you would then run your fingers along the rows towards each other until they meet. Where your fingers meet should tell you what the relationship is between the two people.



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